Monday, July 11, 2011

    Meeting Follow-Up: Dr. James Elser on Phosphorus

    What can we do about phosphorus and food's future?

    The 15th element in the periodic table is not something that comes to mind for most people when they reflect on causes of global food crises of the past. Overpopulation, climate change, crop disease, and soil erosion are more likely to deemed as the instigators of disaster scenarios.

    However, phosphorus is essential for every living thing on this planet and, according to estimates, the world's phosphorous -- needed for fertilizing plants -- will peak within half a century.
     Thus opened  David Despain's review of this week's HSGP speaker, Dr. James Elser, on "Phosphorus, Food, & Our Future."  Please direct your browser to Despain's blog, Evolving Health, to continue reading!

    If you were unable to attend the presentation, here is video of a similar talk given by Elser at the Arizona Science Center, last year:


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