Thursday, December 25, 2014

    Religion with God? Column from NY Times

    This column bears re-reading even if you saw it in the NY  Times.  The comments section is, as always, revealing of how people think on the topic.

    At HSGP, we recognize the need for community mentioned in the column, even if we're not big on ritual.  Our Humanist Community Center is not a psuedo-church consuming vast amounts of resources, as one commenter put it, but a focal point for building community for freethinkers and other like-minded people, a place where non-theists can feel comfortable and not worry about adherence to dogma.

    Tuesday, December 16, 2014

    Another way of explaining why everyone needs to be vaccinated

    Recent HSGP speaker Will Humble did a fine job of explaining why vaccination is a good thing.

    Here's another explanation, this time in pictures.  (Actually a "comic" but I wanted you to take it seriously.)

    Sunday, December 14, 2014

    Interesting comments on the Christmas Season

    I am constantly surprised at how many of my fellow Humanists actively celebrate "Christmas".   Sure, many of us pay lip service to "Solstice" but then run out and buy gifts for all the relatives.  Personally, I'll admit to doing a tiny bit of decoration, but more in the mood of bringing light into these dark winter days (such as they are at this latitude!)  But the materialism surrounding the season has repelled me for years and the idea that our national economy depends on Christmas spending is downright boggling.

    Here's a New York Times columnist with whom I rarely agree, but I think he's made some interesting points in this op-ed.

    And by the way,  Happy Solstice to all!