Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    "I Believe"

    Is blind faith a virtue?  Many nonbelievers struggle with attempts to understand why wholehearted acceptance of irrational thought is considered by many of the "faithful" to be praiseworthy.  Certainly, blind faith is the path of least resistance.  Inquiry and thought require energy, while unquestioning acceptance demands little effort (beyond dealing with a smattering of cognitive dissonance every now and then).  Blind faith also provides a certainty that is difficult to attain from other sources.  This certainty can be empowering, for better or for worse.

    Some of these sentiments are echoed in this song from the Broadway hit musical "The Book of Mormon."  Enjoy "I Believe."


    David Despain, MS said...

    hilarious. I also feel sick to my stomach. as a former "just believing" mormon, the song speaks volumes.

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