Friday, September 19, 2014

    Another in the NYTime Opinionator series on religion: See if you can figure it out

    In case you haven't been following along, the NY Times columnist Gary Gutting has been conducting a series of interviews with various pundits, sages and other purported wise men on the subject of religion.  Here's one entitled "Why Take a Stance on God?" which seems to be the most convoluted of all, although you may have your own favorite.  Lots of talking in circles which doesn't seem to be solving anything, IMHO.  By the end, my head was reeling so much that all I could determine with certainly was that the current interviewee felt it was important to take a stance although I think he coyly hinted on which side of the line he would stand.

    If you're really, seriously, improbably interested that much, you can link to other columns in the series from this one.  Warning:  not to be read while under the influence although it might be a good non-pharmaceutical sleep aid.


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