Saturday, December 28, 2013

    Suggestions for winter reading

    I was delighted to find so many suggestions for reading on atheism and secular humanism, even on the mainstream Goodreads site.  Lots of duplication, of course, but some interesting suggestions nevertheless, especially from the more idiosyncratic lists.  Like you needed more books to read!  At least you'll be familiar with the titles.

    A slightly different list from the same site

    And in case all that heavy reading gets you down, here's a list of atheist fiction.  Some of which I personally found as hard to get through as much of the non-fiction.

    Just FYI, when I looked for best books for unbelievers on the web, I found a lot of books for devout Christians to present to their unbelieving friends to convert them.  Needless to say, those books are not included here.


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