Sunday, July 7, 2013

    Websites for those of us who are staying inside to avoid the heat

    We know it's hot.  It's always hot in the Valley of the Sun in the summer.  You don't always feel like going someplace outside of your carefully temperature-regulated home.  But maybe you're tired of reading and there's nothing on TV.  What to do?

    Good thing we have the Internet, huh?  Here are some websites that I like to browse from time to time.  Maybe one or two will be new to you.  In any event, enjoy.  (And keep drinking those fluids!)

    Symphony of Science    Scientific topics set to music and featuring well-known figures in the world of science.  Honest.  Always good for improving my mood.

    Science Blogs  What kind of science blog would you like to read?  They have all kinds.

    EarthSky  Lots of stuff about, what else, the Earth and the Sky.  

    StarDate  You may have heard these folks on NPR.  Now you can hear them again and also read even more.

    Cloud Appreciation Society  This one is just plain fun.  You can join or not but after viewing their library of cloud images, I can just about guarantee you'll be looking at clouds differently.


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